What we offer

We are one of Australia’s best-known licensed buyer’s agents. We specialise in assisting first-time property buyers as well as seasoned investors.

We identify and negotiate properties for our clients using a data-driven methodology.

We specialise in helping our clients build large property portfolios.

We do not find just any property for a client. We are experts in finding a suitable property to build an extensive portfolio.

How we locate properties

Our client-specific strategy is based on solid and important data factors:

Below market value, rebuild costs, good cash flow, and upside capital growth.

Our procedure

We start by identifying the requirements, desires, and wants of the first-time homebuyer or investor.

We’ll assess your risk tolerance and create a plan for locating real estate deals, producing a buyer’s brief, which serves as a directive to our buyer’s agent to look for, shortlist, and evaluate properties for you across Australia. We then continue with the negotiation and buy the home as a result. Each stage may take hours or days to complete, depending on the transaction, while others may not even be required.

We use a thorough, 6-step procedure when buying a home or investment property. Throughout the entire process, we collaborate closely with our clients.

1. Setting Up Goals

We will assist you in setting specific financial goals and guidelines to help you establish a multimillion-dollar property portfolio over time.

2. Financial Strategy

This is the most crucial component in constructing a vast portfolio. It is common to acquire a few investment properties, but it is also common to become stuck and unable to go on due to first-time investing mistakes. We play a crucial part in this plan to ensure that you can continue acquiring properties to achieve your goal.

3. Buyers Agency

We’ll start looking for a suitable property based on your specific requirements. We’ve established a solid network of real estate specialists around Australia who assist us in securing off-market and on-market agreements for our clients.

4. Building & Pest Inspections

We assist our clients in obtaining building and pest inspection services by pointing them in the right direction.

5. Conveyancing

We assist our clients in understanding this procedure and direct them to a competent conveyancer who can help them.

6. Investment Review

Even after you make a purchase, we continue to support and educate you. We provide periodic portfolio evaluations to ensure you are on the right path to reaching your long-term objectives.

Our Methodology