Client Story: Vipul and Pinky

Vipul and Pinky

Vipul owns a business, while Pinky works in the public sector. The real estate narrative and our founder’s personal media highlights were known to Vipul and Pinky.

Although Vipul and Pinky are eager to begin their investment journey, they initially thought of doing so in partnership with a friend because they were unclear on how to proceed in such a competitive and ever-rising market.

In our discussion of their property investment strategy, we discussed their financial objectives and desires. They were hesitant at first, but they felt more at ease once they understood the entire procedure from beginning to end.

In the current atmosphere of high interest rates, they also wanted to be sure that they wouldn’t overextend their financial resources.

We have paid attention to their needs and have provided a solution.

Our Action

Within a week, we paid $363,000 for a solid, modern home. It was $50,000 under market.

A week after settlement, they rented at $430 per week and are now getting a 6.16% return on their investment.

Surprisingly, a house is selling on the same street for around $410,000.

We are grateful for the fantastic chance to help them with their initial investment. We appreciate their confidence in us and look forward to supporting them as they make additional investments.

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