Client Story: Tejash and Nidhi

Tejash and Nidhi

Tejash and Nidhi are professionals with children and work full-time. They have one investment in NSW and have their own house to live in.

They would like to leverage the money they have and want to invest in an area where it grows as well as get a good cash flow.

After our first meeting, they decided to move according to our strategy.

They liked the idea of diversifying their investments.

Our Action

We planned to release the equity from their existing investments and purchase simultaneously. So, they kept their savings with them.

Within a week after signing the agency contract, we secured a renovated house with 5 bedrooms at the price of 3 bedrooms.

It was a solid choice for them as the house is in a prime location near a major shopping centre and a university.

The purchase price was $342,500, and the estimated rental was between $420 and $460 weekly. Soon after this investment settlement, we refinanced and took out a massive $20,000 equity due to the purchase being made under market.

Then the time came for a second investment. We sourced those crazy duplex deals. The purchase price was $275,000, and the rent was $560 weekly.

Together with their two investments with us, they have generated $9802 in passive income per year.

We are so happy with this outcome as they were able to diversify their portfolio and leverage the money to buy more investment properties.

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