Client Story: Rajiv and Shital

Rajiv and Shital

Rajiv and Shital are professionals and work full-time.

Rajiv and Shital already had one investment and one home to live in and raise their young family. They hold large land in NSW, but they faced a dilemma: should they construct a granny flat in their backyard to generate a second source of income?

They had many uncertainties regarding the best course of action and were reluctant to put their financial future in someone else’s hands.

They also had small deposits to begin their journey.

Our Action

After our discovery session, we sat down during the strategy meeting and reviewed their financial records.

Considering the ongoing construction crisis, we have justified them not building granny flats. It was also over capitalising on the whole project.

Instead, we have found them an off-market villa with strong cash flow and ongoing growth.

We have sourced a villa for $126,000 with a rent of $310 per week.

To seal the purchase, they required deposits totaling about $30,000.

Through this investment, they have expanded their borrowing and increased their cash flow.

Due to our action, they can now purchase another property.

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