Client Story: Ashok purchased 12 investments in under six months, and his presence was noted in major media.

Ashok purchased 12 investments in under six months, and his presence was noted in major media.

Diversification is the most important factor to consider when building a large property portfolio. This was the case with Mr. and Mrs. Patel, who want to build a large property portfolio to replace their active income.

They already have four blue-chip investments in NSW and would like to explore further options to scale their property portfolio.

After finalizing our discovery session, they were ready to begin the next phase of their journey. They have a risk appetite despite rising interest rates.


Our Action

We prepared a detailed strategy to embark on their journey.

Our first action is to find a suitable property interstate to diversify their portfolio. Within a few weeks after signing the initial agreement, we were able to find a foundation property for them with high growth potential and ongoing cash flow. Purchase price was $ 425,000, with rents up to $415 per week.

Soon after settling on our first investment property, we have sourced four more investments.

The second investment was purchased for $ 467,00 in a blue-chip location with rents of $ 525 a week.

The third investment was $ 300,000 with rents up to $470 a week and a very tight vacancy rate of only 0.3 percent.

Fourth investment was purchased at the price of $ 355,000. It is a modern home built in 2011 with a vacancy rate of only 0.4 percent. It is rented for $ 450 a week.

Fifth purchase was only $ 315,000 with rents of $ 340 a week.

Together, Ashok has purchased five properties in under three months worth 1.8 Millions.

Property numbers 6 to 12 were purchased to diversify portfolios in different corners of Australia.
The last property was a block of townhouses where passive income was over $20,000 at 6.5 interest-only loan repayments, which will become $50,000 in the future when rates go down.
Every property was purchased below market value.

He keeps adding many more foundation properties to replace his income from his rentals.

We believe in action instead of high hopes and no actions.

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