Client Story: Dhiraj and Aashana made $ 64,000 in less than 2 months

Dhiraj and Aashana made $ 64,000 in less than 2 months

Dhiraj and Aashana are IT professionals working full-time and living with their kids. They have a nice home to raise their young family in Sydney.

They would like to leverage the money they have and want to invest in an area where it grows consistently and continuously to build their steady wealth.

After our founder, Bharat, met them online, they decided to move on.

They like the idea of diversifying their investments across different states.

Our Action

After carefully analysing their incomes, savings, and future goals, together we build a proper strategy to purchase investment property. We planned to release the equity from their exiting investment and purchase it at the same time. So they kept their savings with them.

Within weeks after signing the agency contract, we were able to secure a modern 2012–23 home in a beautiful coastal area.

It was a rock-solid choice for them, as the house is in immaculate condition, and being modern, it provides a decent amount of depreciation to save some tax.

Magically, after purchasing the first investment property for only $415,000 in June 2023, it was valued at $472,000 in September 2023.

That is insane growth of $57,000 in 4 months only!

After extracting equity, we were able to source another property in a different state to diversify our portfolio.

This time, the property purchase price is $450,000, and the location is paramount and close to the capital city CBD area. It has a university nearby and a major shopping centre.

We are so happy with this outcome, as they were able to diversify their portfolio and leverage the money to buy more investment properties.

They are now embarking on the purchase of a third investment property from the equity of their last two investment properties.




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